Conscious Toney - "Can't Maintain" lyrics

"Bus driver this here gyal refused to give me her seat!
UHHHH HUHH, Check me out UH yeah, UHHHH HUHHHH

[Verse 1]
Style versatile, logically yall cannot body me
My ideologies, superior you just despondency
Imperial impossible, burial tricks
Serial kill, venereal ill, come raw on autobiography
Feens personalities, pressure me, aggressively
Don't smoke trees, don't follow me
I watch my back real consciously, responsibly
Home, condone rap zone alone
In my dome, like dykes niggas can't fuck wit me
Hanging in the streets, seriously i improve
To prove me the dopest MC i gotta be
Homies infamous, im known to be a rapping prodigy
Poems philosophies, don't Plato with my notes like Socrates
Society is mocking me, yall nervous flowing mentally ill like Lobotomy
Life a burden and its real mom and poverty
Not so rare, situation uncle facing years serve robbery's
Apologies or tears, retinue reverends take fam revenue
Rent is due, know reverent review, nor residue
Residents fear revenge wicked
Regret killing the kids hope like abortion clients

Homies drug dealing, Mc killing
These conditions, can i find myself living '
The system is FUCKED! religion CORRUPTED!
Imma be distant and different FUCK YOU !!
Whole society is coked up, and these fucking hoes nutts
Payback get closer, God must approach us
Bouta lay it down, where my fucking crown
Bound to bow down fucking clowns

[Verse 2]
Intellectual style, comprehensible child
Impregnable, professional impeccable now
Fragile rap to generation incredible wow
Temptations not patience be skeptical how '
Improvise implied in 16, for a street dream
Now i revise, clips and chicks in a nice beam
Envy of my enemies, entity of finnerthings
They hustling should i hustle in '
Since pop left, low pockets we struggling
Sucka bitch, suck a dick suicide scuffling
Cousin cripping crippling the city, getting bucks and shit
For the fuck of it, mother stress, mans mugging for money muscling
Customers, cussing crying help for Christ, punishing
Pricks packing piece persistence gun busting bizz
Astounded, violent surrounded, around the same exact crowd
They pack heat in the street look for Kings with crowns
Not going your way beef bubbles right now
Profound delinquent style as a child
Is consistent, can't resist it
This indignant ignorant won't come out
No doubt can't see me, yall nuttin have my seaman
Seeds go hard like the cement and flow all season like the sea damn


[Verse 3]
Contemplate how yall astigmatism of the wicked system
Concentrate on my words of wisdom turn heads like exorcism
Extraordinary, extra awareness, fearless
Visionary so death x ya name out hear this
My mystic lyrics are stylistic rap Hendrix
Are twisted like a storm or ya ex on X men
Ex-con's think leaving projects my project X out
Need money in my pocket the problems ain't left out
Recieve commas, believe im the new common
Confiscated common mc mics yall all comic
Toney to complicated complex evil conscience
Empty magazines competition too compartment
Rap reverend chosen one, Trojan condoms
Made a nun cum didn't give a fuck a cellebum
With her pussy num, hell a gun with heaven intellect
Godly and diligent, wow evil conscience you d'evil kid
Topic was irrelevant, you replicate
Judah persona the hell of it
Drop gems or jewels enLIGHT jeweler proper
Troop too Jerusalem, half Jewish to the tomb to resume the saga
Had a wound in my womb scared before i escape my momma
Percentile pussy, eating ackee im Akeem i, High Society this world i Conquer

I need a dollar, dollar
A dollar that's what I need
Well I need a dollar, dollar
A dollar that's what I need
Said I said I need dollar, dollar
A dollar that's what I need
And if I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me'