Billy Ray - "Poor Billy" lyrics

You can tell the world, you're not yor daddy's girl;
You can pick your clothes when your gone.
Or come out of your shell, and raise a little hell,
and take 'em all off to sing your song.
You can shake yor hips, and take an ego trip;
You can watch my jaw hit the floor,
Or you can shush my lips, with that big ole fingertip,
they won't be takin' up for you no more.
You broke my heart, my achy breaky heart,
I think you might be your biggest fan.
You broke my heart, my achy breaky heart,
so take a bow and give yourself a hand.
You can down a keg, or hump somebody's leg,
cut your hair off and smoke a bong,
or dance like sleaze, start to cough and wheeze,
and look just like a Bieber in a thong.
Twerk it if you please, but don't forget to squeeze,
its not just your face you gotta save,
I know you think you're brave, to be the latest rave,
but now you got another place to shave.
Don't cut no fart, no twerky jerky fart,
I don't think the crowd would understand,
'cause if you cut a fart, a squeaky leaky fart,
the you-know-what might hit the fans.