Billie Holiday - "Baby, I Don't Cry Over You" lyrics

Morton Krouse

Had my lunch all alone
Waited for you to phone
Said you call me at two
So at abpout twenty of three
I had cocktails with Lee
Baby, I don't cry over you

Stood me up in the rain
Tried to hurt me again
Bet you thought I'd be blue
I went out to a show
With a swell guy named Joe
Baby, I don't cry over you
These foolish games you keep playing
Might work with somebody else
But I could have told you
Right from the start
No man is man enough
To break my heart

If you don't come tonight
Think you'll give me a fright
Tell you what I will do
I'll put on my best gown
And go painting this town
Baby, I don't cry over you

Listen Jack you're sweet Jill
Will be out with some Bill
Maybe I don't cry over you