Barbra Streisand - "World Is A Concerto, The/make Your Own Kind Of Music" lyrics

The world is made of music Never ending symphonies of sound surround us Miracles of melodies abound around us too It's a musical world It is a musical world, and the possibilities of making music are Would like to present a premiere performance of a new work concerto Infinite. so with your kind indulgence and my kind permission we For voice and appliances... In the air The world is a concerto Each day begins with music Oh hear the music bubbling everywhere The world is a concerto The whole wide world is whistling The heavens hum along All blending in a never ending song A song in which each singer has a part The world is a concerto A classical concerto A rhapsody that's ringing through my heart I tremble breathlessly I feel the cleansing power In keeping with the sweeping melody So for me Make your own kind of music Sing your own special song It's a musical world It's a musical world It's a musical world