Barbra Streisand - "Love Learn" lyrics

Love and learn, they say we love and learn

Learn the facts of love

Each in his turn

Learn that love will soothe and love will burn

It will hurl you to heaven and then down again

Give you hope, give you heartbreak

Love and learn like me that love is strange

Sweet and bitter ride

That one and nothing can change it

Love and learn like me that love is strange

It will warm you in winter and chill in spring

Invade your nights then one day be gone
Love and learn so your heart may wiser be

Love and learn that loves mad, gay and sad, good and bad

Nothing like youve had but you cant

Heaven it seems

You give your love to your man

All the love that you can

Never do you dream

He will take it and go one day

Now you know all there is to know about

There you go

Wise to love but still without it

Love and learn that you learn

Not a thing at all