Barbra Streisand - "DON'T EVER LEAVE ME / MONOLOGUE (Dialogue) / COME BACK TO ME" lyrics

Don’t ever leave me
Now that you’re here
Here is where you belong...
Everyth... er...
And then there were none
Hun, you know...
I've always wanted the chance
To recite some high-tech poetry
Everyone’s e critic
Ah, I like the sound
Alone makes
Being alone
Ends the ticket
One' s company
Two's a crowd
I only wish one of you are here with me
To see how great it is
I was meant for me...
I stroll the lane together...
Pick to me upon my knee...
I’ll go my way by myself
It’s how the comedy ends
I’ll have to deny myself
Love and laughter and friend
I'll try to apply myself
And teach my heart how to sing
I’ll go my way by myself
Like a bird on the wing
I’ll face the unknown
I’ll build the world of my own
No one knows better than I myself
I’m by myself
I’m by myself
I’m by myself
Hear my voice
Through the dim
Hear the waves on your skin
Like a call from within
Come back to me
Hear my voice where you are
Take a train steal a car
Half afraid, never stop
Have you gone to the moon
Or the corner saloon
Come by mail...rail...C.O.D...XWZ
It will be S.O.B.
Come in pain or in joy
As a girl or a boy
In a bag or a trunk
In a hose or a drunk
In the flora or faun
Come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me
To me come back
To me...
Ooh! Wow!