Barbra Streisand - "Clicker Blues" lyrics

Remember when...
Online was where you hung the wash
and a MegaByte was a really big nosh
and if it was a Virus you got
you went to the doctor and got a shot, Uhhh.

Internet or Interface
Download, Upload, Database
Pixel, shmixle, cyber speak
they may as well be speaking Greek!

Once... a floppy disk meant you had a bum back
a Hack drove a cab
and a burgral was a Mac
Modems, Chat Rooms, Dos and Dots
a Mouse in your Pad, that's why we had cats

Nowadays... you need a degree from MIT
to operate your own TV
I used to find a channel quicker
when all you needed was one clicker
listen, I don't mean to bicker
but now my clicker has a clicker
and each new clicker makes me sicker
if I could only find a clicker
to turn all the clickers OFF!!!