Waco Jesus - "Strangled Then Revived" lyrics

Pschotic visions within a twisted mind

beyond bizarre I'm unable to describe

sickened thoughts of extreme perversion

and countless victims of severe mutilations

unusual acts of sexual stimulation

morbid fantasies of abnormal ecstasy

she is strangled then revived

brutally beaten

sodomized semiconscious and drugged

bound and restrained when fucked

motivated by frustration

piss and shit all over her face

self inflicted lacerations

forced to fuck me while menstruating

extreme perversion severe mutilation

sexually frustrated

during intercourse they are choked

I asphyxiate to enhance and achieve orgasm

shocking obscene obsessions

beating her to submission

secreting diseased semen

devourment of human feces

tonguing vaginal warts

caressing the naked body

fucking her with foreign objects

this time she's not revived