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Perry Como - "My Lady Loves To Dance" lyrics

My lady loves to dance, my lady loves to sing
My lady has the sparkle of a diamond ring!
When purple shadows fall and silver moonlight beams
My lady loves to dance in my dreams!

She loves a carousel, a roll-y coaster ride
A party or a picnic by the ocean-side!
An' like a laughin' brook that dances in the sun
My lady has a barrel of fun!

Life is a gay-thing, play-thing, hip-o-ray-thing,
Not a worry, not a care!
If there's a trombone a-tootin', a flute'r a-flootin'
Sure as shootin' we'll be there! ( We'll be there! )

My lady loves to dance, my lady loves to sing
A Schottische, a Polka or a Highland Fling!!
An' when we kiss goodnight, the moment we're apart
My lady loves to dance, lady loves to sing,
Sing and dance in my heart!

Words and Music by Sammy Gallop
and Milton DeLugg
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