Fall - "Psykick Dance Hall-single Version" lyrics

Part of the quest, part of the quest
Rocky! Rocky!
Step aboard
Is quester psykick dance-hall
ESP is the medium of discord
My garden is made of stone
a [ top] made of flesh
I saw an ape thing on the road
He's got a picture chest.
Round the corner
Is quester psykick dancehall
ESP is medium of discord
Step forward for
Here they have no records
They know your questions about the words
Just bumble stumble to the waves
Twitching out to the waves
Clock it! Clock it!
It's quester psykick dance-hall
Step forward
Helen Duncan* was accused of being a fraudulent
ESP medium discord
They burst into a seance over a [...], over a can
Witchcraft Act 1735 was used to give her 9 month's jail
A length of ectoplasm on suit of cheesecloth
The vibrations will live on
Was grabbed but it got away
Rock it! Rock it!
It's quester psykick dance-hall
ESP medium discord
Step aboard for
[ Helen Duncan: Scottish medium; last person to be charged and found
months' imprisonment. [source: Tim at Cityscape] Ed.]guilty under an old witchcraft statute in 1933; sentenced to nine