Babyface - "Never Love You" lyrics

written by Babyface (1999)
performed by Kevon Edmonds

Darlin' I love you I love you
Let's make it clear
I don't know what your friends have been tellin' you
But my heart is sincere
Well darlin' I need you I need you
It's only the truth
And I swear I'd go out of my mind
With the thought of my losin' you

Well I can't tell you how to feel
But the one thing I'm sure about
Girl you'll never find nothin' as real

He'll never love you
Not like I love you
He'll never treat you like the lady you are
Who you are
He'll never know you
Not like I know you
He'll never be real
He'll never be true
And you'll never feel like you do in my arms
Not the way I love you

Now darlin' I know things ain't perfect
I'm not 'bout to lie
And I know I haven't been the angel but
I apologize
Now you think the grass might be greener
On the other side
Ain't no gold at the end of the rainbow
You're gonna find out in time

Now I can't help what you can't see
But the one thing I'm sure about
Girl I know you should be here with me


It's been too long
You need to come back home
Don't matter who's right or wrong my dear
If I'm to blame
I promise I'll change my ways
And uh if that's not enough baby
I'll get down on my knees in the name of our love

HOOK to fade